BraunAbility E-Series

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The Essential Wheelchair Lift

The E-Series is the next generation workhorse from a brand that is synonymous with high-quality wheelchair lifts. Trusted for over 40 years, BraunAbility has reinvented the wheelchair lift. A modern take on simple, effective and reliable. But there’s one thing about the E-Series that is more than meets the eye. Its superior platform stability.


Premium Rigidity

We have revolutionised the rigidity of the platform making a performance improvement of 300 percent. The closed box design in the parallel arms is what enables this increase in rigidity.

The E-Series wheelchair lifts provides a stable and comfortable user experience.


SKY Wheelchair Lift


Simple rear vehicle access lift

a completely automatic wheelchair lift designed to transfer an occupant in a wheelchair in and out of the vehicle. It features a horizontal split platform that folds up into itself when stowed allowing the driver of the vehicle to still see out the back window for rear vision.
There are various platform widths and lengths available to suit the needs of the wheelchair occupant and to ensure the user has ample room when transferring in and out of the vehicle. This lift is primarily designed for installation into the rear of the vehicle however on some vehicles can also be installed into the side sliding door position.


Braun Century Wheelchair Lift


NCL2 Century-2 Series™ Specifications

Discover effortless accessibility with our advanced lift system. Fully automatic and NHTSA compliant, operated by an attendant, it ensures smooth loading from any direction. Enhanced safety features include a locking mechanical Inboard Barrier (IB) and visual/audible warnings.

Enjoy quiet, stable operation with a durable powder-coated finish. With a lifting capacity of up to 800 lbs (1000 lbs model available), it’s perfect for various applications. Plus, intuitive controls, dual handrails, and bridging capability ensure convenience and security.

Installation is a snap with no additional hardware required, and maintenance is easy with access to all components. And when not in use, the Lift-Tite system securely stows the platform, optimizing space.

Elevate your mobility experience with our reliable, feature-packed lift system today.